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  • Jackson Trails Committee


    •Our committee acts as an advisory committee for Jackson and Jackson County.

    –Alpha, Heron Lake, Jackson, Lakefield, Okabena, & Wilder.

    •Promote an active partnership among landowners, schools, citizens, and communities in planning Jackson County Trails.

    –Liaison to city & county for Jackson Active Living Plan and Jackson Safe Routes to Schools Plan.

    •Connect communities in & outside of Jackson, including the Jackson County Parks and the Minnesota State Parks, when making plans.

    •Jackson County Public Works (Engineering) provides the expertise to get trails developed.

    –Local public health (SHIP) provides strategies for bikeability & walkability opportunities. 

    •We meet once a month.

    –The committee is made up of residents, city, county, public health, business, school, law enforcement, and DNR members.

    •What will you find along our trails?

    –Depending which trail you are on, you may come across wildflowers, apple trees, evergreens, birds, amphibians, creeks & rivers, and skittish deer.

    •Enhancing the Community through Economics, Healthy Citizens, and Physical Activity.

    –Helping attract future residents, walking/biking are most frequent  recreational activity in MN, and getting folks healthier (ex. livable, aging-in-place communities).


  • Tooties Boutique
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  • Alterations by Alexis

    I have been sewing since I was 16.  I absolutely love it and have recently rediscovered my passion for it.  I make dresses for my girls and myself, and I make costumes for my whole family.  I have made corsets, cloaks, skirts, dresses, shirts, etc... I can replace a zipper on just about anything, winter coats included.  I replace buttons, add buttons, replace hook & eye, add hook & eye.  I even hem jeans so they don't get frayed at the bottom by walking on them. I do alterations also. I can alter prom and bridesmaid dresses as well as casual or business clothes.  I have added oven mitts and hot pads, along with bowl holders and napkins/towels to the things I make. I also make heating pads and hand warmers. 



  • The Featured Business for March 18, 2019: Community Wellness Partners


    Community Wellness Partners is a collaboration between Cottonwood-Jackson-Nobles Counties public health departments. We work under the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership grant. CWP is about creating good health for the whole community, by decreasing obesity and reducing the number of people who use tobacco or who are exposed to tobacco smoke.

    67% of Minnesotans are overweight or obese caused by insufficient physical activity and unhealthy eating—increasing risk for heart disease and diabetes, among other chronic illnesses. Meanwhile, over one in six Minnesotans still smoke, leading to cancer, heart disease and more. Obesity and tobacco use and exposure are the two leading causes of death.

    Our strategies work to build opportunities in Cottonwood, Jackson, and Nobles counties to address healthier eating, increased non-motorized transportation, healthier eating and physical activity in childcare, Safe Routes to School, physical activity in schools, and workplace wellness (among many other strategies!).


  • The Featured Business for March 11, 2019: Hitch Doc

    As it was the year of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 50th Anniversary, motorcycle enthusiast and HitchDoc owner, Brad Mohns was waiting on the backordered motorcycle hitch he ordered for the trip. Tired of waiting, he went out to his farm shop and started working his own hitch. That year, Brad took a custom-built trike and chopper to Sturgis, South Dakota with hitches he had designed for common models of Harley Davidsons. The effort, design and quality was apparent to the motorcycling community so the orders rolled in from that day forward. 


    As a full-time farmer, Brad had all the tools he needed to make hitches for his bikes and friend’s but when orders kept coming in, it was time to upgrade and grow. Brad built his first CNC plasma table in 1994 because the quality of machines on the market weren’t up to his standards.

    OEMs learned of the cutting capability and HitchDoc’s Contract Manufacturing division began. That drive for high quality and machines is still felt on the production floor today.


    Brad knew he needed to upgrade his space during the early 2000’s. In 2005, he built a new 50,000 sq.ft. facility and moved his 18 employees from the farm shop in Round Lake, MN to Jackson, MN. Growth exploded and an expansion of another 50,000sq. ft. was already needed in 2007.


    When the Great Recession hit in 2008, the minds at HitchDoc did not slow down. In effort to keep all of the employees working, HitchDoc Management began adding product lines through acquisition and development. It evens out the work flow and has kept the company stable during the ups and downs of contract manufacturing. 


    Today, HitchDoc is still family owned and Brad and his wife, Linda, have welcomed their children, Chad, Stacy, Tasha and their families, into the ISO certified operation. Constantly innovating and improving HitchDoc’s already high quality product lines, the Mohns family will continue to discover great OEM partners, diversify product offerings, improve capabilities and strive for success.


    Serving over 10 industries with over 150 employees, 25 years’ experience and a 166,000sq. ft. facility, the values and quality policy have not changed. Having a facility and machines that are second to none, the employee team is extremely proud of the work they do with 100% American made materials. HitchDoc will always be dedicated to their employees and staying ahead of constantly advancing technologies.


    To learn more about HitchDoc and what we do, check us out at www.hitchdoc.com and “like” us on Facebook!

    Looking for a place to call home?  Check out our open positions by clicking on the “Careers” tab on our website.

  • Hitch Doc
  • Jackson Center for the Arts Jackson Center for the Arts

    Check out what's going on at the Jackson Center for the Arts by clicking the link below. Keep up to date on classes, schedules, and concert serieses.



  • Business After 5's are open to all Chamber Members! Events are hosted by Member Businesses.

    Contact the Chamber Office to learn more!

  • The City of Jackson

    The City of Jackson, Minnesota is a welcoming community that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for all ages.

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