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      Des Moines River; #jacksonmn
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      Farm and Home Show; #jacksonmn
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      Scenic Des Moines River; #jacksonmn
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      Tractor Ride; #jacksonmn
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      Fort Belmont; #jacksonmn
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      Jackson Trails; #jacksonmn
  • Welcome to the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce website! 

    Jackson Area Chamber is located at 114 3rd St, Jackson, MN 56143. Check out our directory of Chamber businesses, see our site for area events, jobs, recreation, lodging, real estate, and more.


  • The Jackson Trails Committee

    •Our committee acts as an advisory committee for Jackson and Jackson County.

    –Alpha, Heron Lake, Jackson, Lakefield, Okabena, & Wilder.

    •Promote an active partnership among landowners, schools, citizens, and communities in planning Jackson County Trails.

    –Liaison to city & county for Jackson Active Living Plan and Jackson Safe Routes to Schools Plan.

    •Connect communities in & outside of Jackson, including the Jackson County Parks and the Minnesota State Parks, when making plans.

    •Jackson County Public Works (Engineering) provides the expertise to get trails developed.

    –Local public health (SHIP) provides strategies for bikeability & walkability opportunities. 

    •We meet once a month.

    –The committee is made up of residents, city, county, public health, business, school, law enforcement, and DNR members.

    •What will you find along our trails?

    –Depending on which trail you are on, you may come across wildflowers, apple trees, evergreens, birds, amphibians, creeks & rivers, and skittish deer.

    •Enhancing the Community through Economics, Healthy Citizens, and Physical Activity.

    –Helping attract future residents, walking/biking is most frequent recreational activity in MN, and getting folks healthier (ex. livable, aging-in-place communities).


  • Jackson, MN; #jacksonmn
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  • Help Wanted:

    Looking for Employment in the Jackson Area, Check out the listings and links below:

    Other Helpful Links:

    Doherty Staffing, Jackson, MN

    The Jackson County Pilot Classifieds






  • Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

    Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is united to bring Servicemembers all the way home.  Click the icon on the left, to learn how you can make a difference. 

  • Hunting Works for MN Hunting Works for MN

    Hunting Works for Minnesota exists to promote a strong economic partnership between the hunting & shooting communities & the local economy of MN.  

  • Splash'n Jackson Splash Pad Splash'n Jackson Splash Pad

    #jacksonmnJoin the Splash'n Jackson Community Forum on Facebook to keep up to date on project progress, fundraisers and learn how to donate: 


  • Jackson Center for the Arts Jackson Center for the Arts

    Check out what's going on at the Jackson Center for the Arts by clicking the link below. Keep up to date on classes, schedules, and concert serieses.



  • Business After 5's are open to all Chamber Members! Events are hosted by Member Businesses.

    Contact the Chamber Office to learn more!

  • The City of Jackson

    The City of Jackson, Minnesota is a welcoming community that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for all ages.

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