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Member Information


Benefits of Chamber Membership


"Perks for You" Card

  • Promote your business product or service by participating in the “Special Perks for You” card program. Paid Chamber members are eligible to receive and use this card locally. There are no additional fees to participate in this “support our members” program. To see a list of the 2015 Participating Businesses and perks Click Here


Business Directory and Reference Guide

  • Available on our website and in other advertising opportunities through the Chamber office. We refer our Chamber members!


Community Information Packets

  • Available for family, friends, perspective employees, business colleagues, or commuting employees.
  • Welcome gift bag program for new residents to the area.


Educational Seminars and Opportunities

  • Help businesses grow & serve customer’s needs.


Mailing Lists

  • Available free of charge to Chamber members.


Farm & Home Show

  • Booth space available at reduced rates for our members.


Jackson Bucks

  • Service program—supporting local shopping, use for gifts, recognitions, etc.


Networking Opportunities

  • “Business After 5” events provide an opportunity to align your business with Jackson’s most involved and successful business people.
  • Involvement with Chamber activities adds value to your membership and creates opportunities to market your business to the community and surrounding area.


Monday Memo

  • Keep up to date on upcoming meetings and events in the Jackson area.
  • Let us share good news about your business, employee recognition, awards, etc.


Website Opportunities

  • Cost savings on constant contact software.
  • Consumers and residents can locate members easily.
  • FREE listing of your business with a quick link to your website.


New Business Welcome Presentation

  • FREE publicity for your grand opening, groundbreaking, new location or new owner.


Your investment

  • Keeps our local Chamber office open and helps carry out the mission of our organization, which in turn promotes and builds a stronger community.


Holiday Cash program

  • Supports local shopping during the Holiday season.

Jackson Bucks Program

Everything you can buy in Jackson can be purchased with Jackson Bucks!

The Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce established the Jackson Bucks program to promote flexible local shopping in Jackson businesses and show support for our community members.

Jackson Bucks is a year-round program and can be used for many occasions such as:

  • Christmas Gifts—perfect for the “hard to buy for” person on your list!
  • Customer Appreciation Gifts & Thank you Gifts
  • Door Prizes
  • Employee Christmas Bonus & Employee Incentive Program Rewards
  • Raffle Prizes

How do I purchase Jackson Bucks?

  • Call or stop in, to the Jackson Chamber office to request your Jackson Bucks and the date they are needed. (A large number of Jackson Bucks may require extra time to process. Your call ahead of time would be greatly appreciated.)
  • Indicate the dollar amount of Jackson Bucks you wish to purchase. You may select from any denomination such as $5, $10 or $20. We recommend purchasing multiple smaller denominations rather than one large check.
  • Your Jackson Bucks can be personalized with your business or family name to show your support for doing business locally.
  • Stop by the Chamber office and pick up your Jackson Bucks. Bring along your payment or if required we can send an invoice to your company.

How do I redeem Jackson Bucks?

  • Decide where you would like to spend your Jackson Bucks. Present your Jackson Bucks check (s) to the cashier when making your purchase.
  • Customers are encouraged to use full face value of the check, although change will be given if applicable. This is a dollar for dollar exchange program. No additional fees apply.

Redeeming business:
Accept the Jackson Bucks check(s) for the purchase. Process like any other check and deposit for “full dollar value” at your financial institution. It’s that simple!


Business After 5

“Business After 5” events provide an opportunity to align your business with Jackson’s most involved and successful business people.

This event is designed to bring people into your business in a more relaxing “after 5” atmosphere. The event can be held alone or in combination with another business. It can be used to showcase your business during a time of year when you feel it would be most beneficial to your individual business. The goal of “Business After 5” is to make this a monthly networking event.

Refreshments are provided by the hosting business. The choice of refreshments is left up to each of the individual business. It may be as simple as coffee and cookies or as elaborate as a full meal. Alcohol is an option, but not necessary.

Each Business After 5, provides an opportunity for the Chamber to hold it’s Cool Cash drawing. Cool Cash is a fund raising event for the Chamber, that allows a chance for our
members to win Jackson bucks with each ticket purchased.

Chamber membership mailing labels are available at the Chamber office. If the host chooses not to mail out invitations, members can be notified via e-mail or fax through the Chamber Executive Director.

If you would like to plan a “Business After 5,” please contact the Chamber office at 847-3867 or contact any Chamber Board Director. It is a great way to showcase your business!


Welcome Gift Bag Program

The Welcome gift bag program provides an opportunity to share community and business information with new residents in Jackson and the surrounding area.

Items in the gift bag may vary, including such items as flyers, coupons, brochures, promotional gifts like pens, note pads etc. We also insert the Jackson County Visitors Guide, local phone book and additional information about our schools, government offices and recreation available in and around our community.

This is a great tool to showcase your business! Chamber members are encouraged to provide items that do not expire, such as coupons with “no expiration” date. It helps us keep the gift bags fresh and up-to-date. You will be notified if we run out of your product, brochure or promotional item.

New residents may stop by the Chamber office to pick up their free “gift” during regular business hours. We want to welcome you to our community!

Relocation Packets

The Chamber office has relocation packets available for potential new employees and residents.

If you anticipate hiring employees from outside the Jackson area and would like relocation packets to share with them, please contact the Chamber office. The packet includes information about our community, schools, amenities, etc. We like it here and encourage others to take a look at our town as a great place to work and live.


"Perks For You" Program

In an effort to support our members, we encourage you and your staff to use the “Perks for You” card where applicable. Cards will be delivered or mailed out, upon receipt of paid membership investment. The number of cards issued will be determined by the employee count information provided on your membership update form. Each full-time and part-time employee should receive one card. Employees are members, too!

If your business would like to participate in this program by offering a “special” for cardholders, please contact the Chamber Office. If you are a participating business and want to change your Perks special during the year, please contact the Chamber Office to have the web page updated with new information. Remember to update your laminated sign(s) located in your business. There are no fees to participate in this program. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create new customer relationships, while maintaining current relationships. Additional cards and guidelines are available at the Chamber office for new employees hired after the start of the new year. Please contact us to arrange for delivery.

Our goal is to keep more consumer dollars in & around Jackson, while providing our members with a tangible Chamber benefit.


Six Rules for Participating in a Healthy, Local Economy

  1. If someone is doing business with you, do business with them.
  2. If someone is capable of doing business with you, do business with them.
  3. If a business is paying taxes in our community, they are your community partner, do business with them.
  4. If someone is starting a business, become a mentor and support them in any way that you can. Helping to create more products and services is an ongoing invitation for customers to come to your community.
  5. If you work for a governmental agency, support the businesses who support you with their tax dollars.
  6. If you can’t find something you need locally, check to see if the business can order it for you.


Promoting Your Community!

Customer Service is Your Business

What you do is more than just a job. It is an opportunity to connect with people, to brighten a day, to possibly make a difference with the people who buy your service or product.


  • Make serving others your number one priority.
  • Great customer service happens when you exceed customers’ expectations by adding your special touch and by having the courage to make things right.


  • Choose your attitude. How you think about the customer is how you will treat them. A shining attitude is contagious around customers and shows in the quality of your work.


  • Customers return because they liked what happened the last time. Set high service standards and live them every day.


  • Commit to teamwork. Look for ways to make each other look good. In the end everything everyone does, ends up in front of the customer.
  • When in a bad mood, make sure it doesn’t show at work.
  • Can’t help a customer? Find someone who can.

Changing our Community for the better:

  • Share great service stories with other businesses and co-workers.
  • Recognize the success of employees. Praise, praise, praise & reward.
  • Smile and greet every customer within five seconds.
  • Call the customer by his or her name.
  • Reduce customer phone-hold time to less than a minute.
  • Work with another business to promote shopping values between each other. Example; with a customer purchase at your store pass along a coupon from your neighboring store to encourage the customer to stop at that business. The next business can do the same, and so on.
  • Have the right answer when people ask “What is there to do in Jackson?”
  • Know what is going on in your community. Read the local papers, listen to the radio and check out local websites. Refer people to other business. Inform them of activities that are available here in our own community.
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